>With the Biggest Loser on now – it’s hard to not think of yourself being a bit thinner, leaner and more muscular. For me atleast. When I watch, I find myself comparing my weight, my body type and my ‘gumption to lose’ to those on the show. Sadly, I always come away lacking. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that I’m less that those on the show – I just find that my desire, that drive to lose my weight is a heck of a lot less than those on the show right now!

There is NO WAY that I can or even will work out the way that they do. First off, I don’t have a personal trainer (other than my husband) to prode and challenge me for hours on end each day to work out. I am the one responsible for my family meals, so there’s no one checking over my shoulder to make sure that each meal I make is healthy. Nor do I have someone who will chastise me for eating my favorite chocolate bar or when I bake my cookies.

At the beginning of each season I find myself believing that hey if they can lose all their weight, then dang it so can I! Sadly, that ‘gumption’ goes out the window usually around the 3rd show when I see people actually starting to drop pounds while I find my pants getting a little bit tighter (now that very well could be from the chips and dip I was eating while watching the show – but who knows!).

I found a site that posts info on the Biggest Loser diet. Take a look since I’m only going to highlight the things that interested me the most. For instance the biggest loser diet is a severe diet that includes a “strict check on the calorie intake and rigorous training regime. It is high in lean-protein as protein casts a hunger-controlling effect on the body which proves to be effective for weight loss and fat burning. It provides the freedom to eat a wide variety of food but consuming mainly whole, natural food like fruits, vegetables and whole grains“. Eating a high protein-low carb regime is pretty easy for me since that is what we do at home (admist the cookies and cereal that I enjoy as well).

The biggest loser diet also includes a lowcarb diet that consists of your calories to be derived from 45% carbs, 30% proteins and 25% fats or oils. You have to avoid all the white stuff – the white bread, pasta, rice, flour (you know, the good stuff). With this diet your calorie intake should only include 7 calories per pound (so if you weigh 200 lbs, you should eat 1400 calories per day) .

Doesn’t sound too hard, right? The kicker for me is that you have to do 7 hours of exercise a week! That’s working out every single day for 1 hr – O.M.G! You have to be kidding me! I’m lucky if I can do 30 min every other day! That right there is where I decide that those on my television screen are so much better than I am 🙂 Good on them for doing the show and for losing the weight! I’ll enjoy watching them sweat it out, stress it out and feel the freedom of losing all that weight while I sit and eat my bowl of Shreddies!