I really thought that I would have reacted differently to the 3 rejection letters that I received.

I had a feeling they would come.

To test the waters I submitted my book that won a contest to see if I could actually write a query letter. I tried to sell the book as part of a series, but to be honest – I’ve lost the heart for this book. I wrote it almost 4 years ago now. But my current manuscript isn’t ready to be sent out and I know myself. If I think it will be too difficult, then I won’t do it.

So I wrote a query letter and sent it to 3 agents.

I received personal responses back. To my surprise! Who knew they would have time to email me actual remarks, suggestions and encouragement? So what was I told?

Strong voice, good flow, interesting read, please send me another manuscript if you have it.

Not too bad! I feel more optimistic about sending out another query for my new novel when it’s ready!