>I belong to a website where writers can go and enter contests, submit their work for review and get general feedback. I’m working on a manuscript that is a spiritual thriller and so far the feedback I’ve received has been pretty good. I’m thankful for those who not only read the words but take the time to edit it for me as well – sometimes when you look at something so much you tend to glaze over it and not notice the little things that need to be changed.

That being said – today I got my first real critical feedback. Talk about ‘ouch’! The reviewer said that my authoritative voice was ruining the experience for the reader. Now if I was smart, I’d take this criticism and use it to improve my work. Or I could be totally offended and say “nay, you foul reviewer!” LOL

To be honest – I think will end up appreciating that critical review more than anything else. Its the ones who help me to change, to be a better writer that help me the most. Although, you’ll never catch me denying that I like my back rubbed and ego scratched 🙂