>I’m sitting here depriving myself of chocolate – why for the life of me, I can’t even begin to imagine! Once upon a time I thought that losing this weight would be worth it – but tonight – this long night where chocolate beckons me – it doesn’t seem worth it.

Yet, I still hold strong! My children’s easter chocolate are still hidden away for those odd moments when I’m willing to deal with the sugar high. I could EASILY nibble a little bit on each of their treats. But I must stay strong. Right?

So instead – let me share with you some amazing chocolate creations. Have you heard of Jessica Walker?
Look at these darling shoes she created ….

Then I began to browse. Check out Dark Roasted Blend … and see what I found

Not sure if I would eat this – unless I was blindfolded of course!

Then of course is the ultimate chocolate bra …

I love this chocolate purse that I found on 5 Star Foodie‘s blog.

I had better stop looking for more fun chocolate things – other wise my children will no longer have any easter chocolate left over 🙂