>If you are a writer, then you’ll understand exactly what I’m about to say.

I signed up for a writing site (FanStory) where you can not only submit your work for review but you can also enter in contests. There are various prizes, Visa gift cards, recognition, membership dollars ect.

I am working on a manuscript that I’m not even remotely close to being done. The day that I actually finish this manuscript will be a day for celebration for sure! But as I finish each chapter I can submit it for review. So far the reviews have been exactly what I need – other writers on this site let me know if I’m on the right path, any mistakes I’ve made – such as repeating words too many times, the wrong verbs and adjectives (btw – I need to figure out exactly what these mean) and other fun stuff.

So … one night, it’s 11:00 and my husband is in bed. I just drank a few cups of coffee and I’m wide awake and watching Letterman. I decide there has to be something constructive I can do – so after looking through the site, I find a contest I can enter. It takes me 30 min to write a short story. 30 minutes where my over-caffeinated mind was able to function in a manner next to impossible that late at night and I’m able to write a story that is filled with tremendous emotional pain.

Despite my creativity – what do I call it? “The Pain”. Genius! LOL

So …after all this … what do you think happens? I win the contest! Imagine my surprise! I love it! My confidence is boosted, my creativity is given new juice and I’m ready to keep writing 🙂

Winning a contest – no matter the prize – how awesome is that!