>I was disgusted last night while watching Celebrity Apprentice. Anyone else? I knew Donald Trump had an ego problem, but to see it so blatant last night was ridiculous. Even more sad – he did it knowing he could get away with it. What a sad man. I pity him actually.

Why was I disgusted? For the obvious reasons I would think.

1. His coddling of Dennis Rodman, treating him like a little boy who had his feelings hurt. Give me a break! The man is an alcoholic, a man – not a boy, who doesn’t need praise but needs to take a good look in the mirror and fess up to his actions.

2. His treatment of Jessie throughout the whole season. I applaud Jessie for his patience, for taking the high road, not using his personal life in this game and for not defending something he didn’t need to defend. Who does Donald think he is to talk ‘down’ to Jessie? Did he need to be so rude – just for ratings?

3. His comments last night to Jessie and Dennis. Tell me if I’m wrong – but in the show where Jessie mentioned his concern for Dennis and his drinking – didn’t Donald basically pull that out of him? Didn’t he continue with his questions until he got the answer, the comments, the reactions that he wanted? So why slap Jessie around last night while coddling Dennis?

4. Just his over all attitude. Donald Trump is not so important – despite having his own show – that he can treat others who are important in their own right, like dirt.

Whatever little respect I had for him is gone.