I watched the season premier tonight – ya ya, I was a day late. I’ve never really been into this show, but with all the hype that has been going on, of course I wanted to watch. I’ve read so many things the past few days, and they all asked the following questions: Was it as much a train wreck as they said? Was it painful to watch? Will this ruin their marriage?

What kept hitting me is that WE (the viewers) forget these are REAL people, dealing with a REAL marriage with 8 kids! I know how hard it is to work on a marriage with only 3 kids – I couldn’t imagine with 8.

I’ve read so many different things about Jon and Kate. Alot of what I’ve read seems to be true, but come on people – think about the situation they are in. Ya, Kate is controlling, anal and has alot of anger. Jon is relaxed, laid back, lets others do the work for him … he needs to be that way and Kate needs him to be this way. Just like Jon likes Kate to be controlling and anal and really needs her to be that way.

But think about it. Put yourself in their shoes. They are both unhappy, they are both living a life they never expected, both tired, worn out, wanting to be ‘more’ than just Jon & Kate Plus 8. Wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t you be critical of your partner, wouldn’t you wanna lash out because you’re too tired of looking in?

I think it’s really sad that their marriage is falling apart, that it’s so public and that that they can’t deal with all this on their own. I get both their sides in this. Did Jon have an affair? Does it really matter? NO. Not to me, not to you and not to our world. But it matters to Kate and to their kids. But they need to work on that.

This show is their life. Jon said tonight that it’s also their career. Could you imagine going from $75k per episode, having a HUGE house, everything paid for by sponsors and being able to stay at home (or for Kate travel) – and then lose all that? They have 8 kids to take care of.

Jon seems to have shut down and stepped away from his marriage – or that is what we are seeing anyways. I get that as well. He mentioned being a stay-at-home dad. He’s emasculated now – Kate wrote a book and is working hard trying to support her family. The roles have reversed and he’s finding it hard. I’ve read where people say to ‘stop the show’, but seriously – how can they?