Call me silly. Call me crazy. But I participated in my first ever garage sale. “The Parade of Garage Sales” in honor of Breast Cancer awareness. Great thing to get involved in right? And why not – I have a close friend who is in the fight for her life against Breast Cancer.

Garage sales are perfectly harmless, right? After all, you spend hours scourging your house for junk you no longer need or want and spend hours outside waiting to see if some poor, unsuspecting soul is willing to part with their hard earned quarter just for your ‘crapola’.

That’s what I thought atleast. Easy peasy. No sweat. Free money for crapola (as my daughter says) that I was going to donate anyways. I’ll sit there with a drink in hand and watch as people line up to hand me their cash for their new found treasure. I’ll probably even have time to do some editing on my book while I’m at it.

How silly and crazy am I?

It’s a beautiful day outside. I join in with three other mom’s (who all have kids) in for a day of fun and relaxation. Our 7 kids are running around the yard spraying each other with water, fighting, yelling, screaming and then laughing all within 5 seconds of every single minute. If we had been smart we would have hired a babysitter!

So we’re sitting there, drinks in hand and wonder where all the people are. A pot of coffee has been drunk, goodies are ate and still no sales. Well gee – ain’t this fun! Just when we start to complain about the lack of people wanting to buy our “stuff”, we hear car doors slam. Oh goodie – our first customers.

Then the craziness begins. Don’t these people realize that while this may be just junk – it’s MY junk. I originally bought this ‘crapola’ or atleast someone did. I am already giving it to you at a bargain – $1 – andyou want to pay only 25 cents??? Are you kidding me???????

I should have made millions today. Well, ok – maybe not millions, but thousands … ok, that’s a bit unreal … I should have made atleast SOME money today. Afterall, it’s for a good cause, right?

I forgot what it was like to be a serious ‘garage saler’. You go for the throat every time – zip in, take a look, find what you want, barter until you are as low as you can go and then gloat the rest of the day about the amazing deal you made!

I was someone’s sucker today. LOL