>R.I.P. Pastor Larry Haner.

I found out a few days ago that a pastor my husband I worked with (we were the youth pastors) has passed away.

We met Pastor Larry Haner and his wife Marilyn in 1998, in a small town called Hanmer, Ontario.
A little suburb of Sudbury, Ont. Valley Pentecostal Church was an amazing church when we were there. The people there were hungry for God, desperate for His touch on their lives, and they were led by a wonderful couple who loved Jesus with all their heart.

This was our second church that we had pastored in. We took a youth group under 10 kids to over 30. We had such a great group, loved these kids with all our hearts. We learnt so much there, as a couple, as new parents and as christians.

Pastor Larry and Marilyn were amazing. They took us under their wing, loved us as kids that we were, and taught us so much about being a ministry couple. Our oldest and middle daughters were born there in that church – they had so many grandpa’s and grandma’s there. There were so many times I felt like I had failed as a mother, and Marilyn would be there with a helping hand.

Pastor Larry – when I think of him, I remember the cowboy boots he wore on Sundays. I remember his drawl during worship (he was a cowboy at heart I think). I came across a photo of him holding my oldest daughter during her dedication.

Both my husband and I were shocked to hear that he passed away from a massive heart attack. My heart breaks for his wife and children. He will be missed.

But I can’t help but smile. He’s now in that place he has always talked about, always dreamt about – heaven. He has met Jesus face to face. He’s danced in the streets paved with gold, has seen his mansion and has met all those he often preached about on Sunday.

R.I.P Pastor Larry. I look forward to the day we will meet again.