>Chocolate, that delectable little piece of sweetness, is my heaven on earth.

The Mayans were the smartest race on our planet, in my humble opinion. They found the secret to heaven and made the most irresistable pleasure on earth.

Can you tell I love chocolate? It’s a passion of mine, one I allow an indulgence without regret.

My first book was about passion. Passion for coffee, chocolate and romance. Mainly about chocolate though. I tried to make sure it was the highlight of the book. If you love chocolate, this is the book for you.

This little piece, could be small as in a little square, or large as in a chocolate bar brings me instant happiness. Sadly, something my children or husband are unable to do (really, 3 kids arguing about who has which DS game does not constitue for happiness). The boys at work all know to give me chocolate if I seem to be having a bad night (bless their souls).

This is my little piece of heaven on earth. My gift from God, to me. When I get to heaven – I can’t wait 🙂 I know Jesus will be waiting with a big box of chocolate bon bons and a skinny dress 🙂