We live in a society that has been shaped by the Oprah tidal wave of success and enlightenment. I doubt there is a woman out there who would deny that Oprah in ‘some way’ has shaped their life – whether it was positive or negative. And yes, if you are one of those women who vehemently deny watching Oprah, then you have been ‘shaped’ by her.

How could we not? She’s all over the place. She has her own magazine, her own tv show, her own books, DVD’s, weight loss program and soon she’ll have her own television station. When she says ‘boo’ we all jump. Come on, tell me you don’t! I double dog dare you.

Let’s talk about the ‘gospel’ aspect to this blog.

When Oprah says jump – we (as a society) jump. When she says ‘read this book’ – what do we do? Yep, you guessed it – we run out to either buy it or wait patiently for the book at the library and then we read it. If there’s a new product out there that Oprah loves – we all start to love it too – despite the price or why we should even love it. We believe that Oprah is like the average woman in North America, she had weight and self-esteem issues, she loves her pets, blah blah blah. What we forget is that she’s not the average North American, she’s one of the richest women in America who is friends with politicians and celebrities alike. All she has to do is ‘think’ she wants something and she’s got it.

Have you watched her show lately? Oprah has at her disposal all the leading experts in any area of interest, but she chooses to have celebrities who advocate certain medical treatments, or lack there of. If a new ‘idea’ or treatment becomes popular, you can guarantee that Oprah will have it on her show. While her intentions may be to just help educate the public, when she has someone on her show – she is endorsing the product in the minds of her viewers.

The Gospel according to Oprah – its message rests solely up finding that ‘thing’ that makes you happy, whether it be the latest medical treatment, the newest diet, an old way of thinking or spirituality. Whatever makes Oprah happy, makes America happy.

How about if the tables were turned. What if Oprah placed her emphasis on her viewers and decided to focus on them and their needs. What if Oprah decided to take her own ‘gospel’ and try to live it. Would it work do you think? Or would she just be another statistic, another ‘regular’ person who was trying to find the next fix in order to get through another day?