>Want to Know What Your Readers Want? Here’s 5 Tips to What They Don’t

I just read a great post on Author Tech Tips about the 5 things blogs shouldn’t contain. It was really interesting, and if you have a blog, I recommend reading it. For myself, I’ve personalized it for me and this blog. Here’s my promise to you as a reader:

1. Long Posts
So apparently readers find even 500 words too taxing. Really? 1000 I get, and I promise to try to be kind and not waste words on here.

2. Long Paragraphs
Seriously – who likes long paragraphs anyways! Short is the key. Gotcha.

3. Boring Titles
I’ll try to keep all my posts entertaining and eye catching for you (while including pictures of chocolate help I wonder?)
Creative titles – I’ll work on that!

4. Generic Posts about becoming a better Christian
Well – I can promise you – you won’t get there here! I may talk about being a ‘REAL’ Christian – but it will never be boring! I spent too many years as a pastor’s wife listening to that nonsense.

5. Unedited Short Stories
Ok – I’ll edit them before I post. Geesh!

Did I miss anything? Let me know 🙂