>Old news or new news – but this is the first I’ve heard of this. I’ll admit I’m not a regular watcher, and I don’t contribute financially to this show – I don’t have a relationship with them, so why would I. But like most Canadian Christians – especially those growing up in Ontario – I know of this show, have been to the studio actually and so I found the following information to be very interesting and sad at the same time.

Apparently, due to some sort of financial scam (ponzi scam), some changes are necessary at 100 Huntley Street. I found the following transcript from Jim Cantelon. The original post can be seen here:


Rough Transcript: Crossroads Communications Inc.
Jim Cantelon June 5, 2009.

“Hello I’m Jim Cantelon. You’ve noticed over the past few days that there have been changes in the opener in terms of the opener of 100 Huntley Street; you’ve been looking for Ron and Ann, you’ve been looking for Reynold and Kathy.

Well the board of Crossroads have asked me to inform you that Ron and Reynold Mainse will not be appearing on any Crossroads programming or otherwise represent Crossroads for the time being as they focus their energies on certain matters in their personal lives. They’ve stepped down from their duties until such time as the board of directors have complete understanding of all the issues related to a matter that they were involved in outside of the ministry here at Crossroads.

David Mainse, Moira Brown and I and other guests will continue to offer interesting, I hope, exciting interviews and stories on 100 Huntley Street from across Canada and around the world.


Apparently some sort of shakedown is occurring. I find it really sad that these ‘get rich quick schemes’ are so prevalent in our churches and christian organizations today. Why are Christians such easy ‘suckers’ when it comes to this stuff? Because we have a tendency to believe and trust ANYONE who is in Christian leadership or has some sort of authority.

I’ve seen it happen in one of our first churches we pastored in. The people in that church lost millions in total to one man who was smart enough to say the right words and have the ‘sheep’ believe the wolf.

Now I only know what I have been reading. And what I’ve read is pretty sad. I’m sure if I was to turn on the show today, those familiar faces I’m used to seeing would be gone (since that is what I’ve read has happened). I can only imagine the thousands of viewers, members and believers in the Burlington, Hamilton, Toronto area who are affected financially from this – let alone the viewers around Canada who give generously to this station.

The sheep were suckered in by a wolf in disguise. Why people, why do we continually allow this to happen within our Christian circles? Just because SOMEONE says they are a Christian – doesn’t mean that they are! Just because SOMEONE says you can trust them, doesn’t mean you can! Pastors and christian leadership are NO EXCEPTIONS!

I can only imagine the feeling at 100 Huntley Street amongst their staff and leadership. The communications that are coming out have to say one thing – and while it’s a partial truth, it’s not the full truth. I’m sure you can call them or email them with all your questions, but you know you won’t get them. The people there have to be hurt. People they believed in turned out to be someone else entirely – OUCH.

To me, this is a wake up call not just for the ‘church’ but as Christians and people. Open your eyes. Don’t believe the ‘get rich quick’ schemes that are out there. Do you really, honestly and truly believe that God would have told someone “hey, here’s how I’m going to make you rich – I want you to lie to my children and tell them if they invest so much money RIGHT NOW they will get a certain amount in return – guaranteed!” Seriously? If you believe that – if you really think that is how it happens – then start doing a search on your own about pyramid schemes!