> Earlier this week I posted about what has been happening at 100 Huntley Street these past few months. The issue seems to be a bit quiet though – for such a prominent christian advertising company, one that has impacted many lives in the Christian community – you would think more about this would be said.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on what has happened at 100 Huntley Street and what it says about the Christian community in general.

The ‘hush hush’ mentally that is happening right now with the financial scandal at 100 Huntley Street is the same ‘hush hush’ mentality that the christian church has about most things that go wrong in our community.
Wouldn’t you agree?

If a pastor has ‘fallen in sin’, it’s always kept on the low. Only a priviledged few will know about it, yet many will speculate about what happened. Same with anyone in the congregation. We have a history of keeping things quiet. Why? Probably because we’re afraid that it would cast a ‘bad’ light on the church – and God forbid that would ever happen. I mean seriously, would it really hurt us for others to see that Christians are ‘real’ people?

There’s also the aspect, as pointed out on this blog by Bene Diction, that “many Christians will swallow their losses because they don’t want to send a fellow Christian or Christians to jail, they’ve been taught to do so is a sin. To discuss, inform, warn and work through being scammed is labelled as gossip, and another sin to add to the shaming to silence victims. It’s like a secondary con.”

We are a culture that has been brought up on guilt and manipulation. ‘If you do this … you are sinning, if you do that … you’re going against the Word of God … do not judge lest you be judged’.

Personally, I find this mentality disgusting and am horrified that still, in today’s day and age, we allow ourselved to be condemned like this.

I have read through some blogs and articles online about this scandal at 100 Huntley Street. Have you read them? The comments that are left are sad. People begin to judge, not knowing all the answers, or thinking they know it all feel able to judge soundly. Others begin to judge those who they think are ‘judging’ – and so the attacks begin.

One comment made me laugh. Like seriously people. Religious Right Alert posted an article found here. If you read further down, you’ll see a comment by a ‘rev’. Now read further and see the comments about how judgemental this ‘Rev’ is being. Ok – seriously people. If you really believe that you can not judge a pastor just because of the position he holds – you have seriously been brain washed and you need to see a counselor! A pastor is a person – just like you and me, one who can and will make mistakes, and like you and me – needs to be held accountable!

Just yet another example of the ‘hush hush’ mentality we hold in our Christian churches. And we wonder why more and more people are telling us they’ve had enough of the ‘church scene’ – christian and non christian alike.