>If you call yourself a christian – I dare you to read this post.

I have one pet peeve that really gets me angry every time it comes up. I HATE how I am judged every single time I put out the label of being ‘christian’. Because when I say I’m a christian, then obviously I don’t drink, I don’t swear, I don’t get mad or have hormonal rages, I have to be a perfect mom and wife, I am submissive, I’m sweet and kind and gentle and my door is open to anyone, I’m an easy target for anyone who ‘needs’ something because heaven forbid I’m saying no to an angel in disguise. I’m not allowed to be sick and when I am I can’t admit it but instead have to ‘claim’ the cure, I must be poor and …. the list really does go on.

Seriously people. If that it what it means to be a christian – then I don’t want any part of that label. I’ll keep my faith, I’ll keep my relationship with Jesus – but I will not give myself that label anymore if that is what it means.

We’re supposed to be the light of the world. How can we be if we portray something that we aren’t. If there was a checklist for all the qualities of what a good christian woman should be in order to get to heaven – I would never make it. THANK GOD He takes me as I am! Broken, stubborn, strong willed, a hormonal crazy women who sometimes eats way too much chocolate (gluttony, greed …).

Can we just be real? Is that too much to ask? If every christian out there decided to take a stand, to tear off those masks that they wear (don’t you dare deny it) and just be real – we would probably have more of an impact on the world than we do now!