Birthday parties are always so much fun. Right? Ya, not so much.

My daughter wanted these for her birthday – looks easy peasy, or so I thought.
To be honest – making them wasn’t too difficult. I used a box cake mix and filled each cone 2/3 ‘s. Bake them for around 20 minutes. I figured out a secret though – use a casserole dish and place as many cones as you can together – almost so like they are stuck together.

Bake for 20 minutes and take out of the oven. I promise you – the cone will not burn and while the cone ‘might’ overflow – it’s ok.

So now the hard part – for me atleast. I wanted the icing to look like soft ice cream, so I played around with my homemade icing. Took me a bit since I’m not used to making my own icing. But I did it.

After alot of trial and error (and alot of muttering under my breathe) I’ve realized that using cookie presses as icing tools is not a smart thing to do! Especially if it’s a new cookie press that you’ve never used before. It literally took me 5 minutes – yes, 5 minutes – for me to figure out how to close the lid to this contraption! AUGH. Next time – would someone please remind me to use a baggie or to buy a proper icing bag! Laurie, Sherri … someone , please!

But they turned out. I definately didn’t count properly – I had to make enough for her class today plus her party – ended up short! Talk about frustrating. Plus I left icing her party cupcakes to the last minute – so with 20 minutes BEFORE we need to leave for the party – I was really wishing I had just bought a cake from Co-Op.

The end result? We swam for 2 hours, I was kept sane by having a good friend come swimming with me , and we had cake and opened presents. The ice cream cones were a hit and I’m now exhausted.

Until the next one ….