>Ask any writer and they will tell you that writing is a passion for them. For most, its a necessity and for others its fun. One thing I am noticing lately – if I don’t get a change to write, even if it’s only a few sentences, then I get really grouchy. No seriously – I do! Wait – I need to rephrase that. If I only have the opportunity each day to write a few sentences, I also get extremely grouchy.

Writing has become a passion for me in the past year, one that I need to give in to, lose myself in and succumb to its addictive personality on a daily basis. It’s almost like eating chocolate for me. I can’t see myself NOT giving in to this addiction of mine on a daily basis. In fact, the only way to make this even better is if I was to write while sipping on coffee and having some chocolate beside me on my desk!

I re-discovered a new feeling yesterday. The first time I had the opportunity to feel this way was with my first book, Once Upon A Dream. Yesterday, it came to me again.

I was sitting at my desk, finishing a sentence when it hit me. I know how my book is going to end and I like it! A new twist appeared in a scene, once that kept struggling with since the beginning of the book. I continued to write, hoping it would work itself out and low and behold – it did! Now, I need more information to make this twist work, and thankfully I have people around me who can help me with that information so that I’m accurate in my scenes. But this new twist gives my storyline its completeness that it needs!

I am so excited. Seriously you have no idea. I have been struggling for 3 weeks now, unsure of where this story is going. I have been watching the characters evolve, struggle and face issues and it’s been good. But I’ve been waiting to see where the twist would come in, and who it would surround itself in.

I can’t wait to work on it, to get back to the story and see how it all enfolds. I can’t wait to finish the novel now.

Tell me – as a writer – that you’ve never experienced that before! Don’t you agree that it’s an awesome feeling!!