>It’s Stampede Time here in Calgary, home of the “Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth” – the Calgary Stampede! No matter where you look you will see boys and men dressed up as cowboys, Indian Princesses (yes, it’s a correct term), cowgirls, horses and millions of cattle! The main core of our city basically shuts down. Business will be open, but if you work in any of the downtown buildings, it’s basically a ‘free’ work week. Everywhere you turn there are free pancake breakfasts’, cowboy lunches and staff parties galore! It’s a free for all and for most people it’s a fun time.

For those who live in the city, you can pretty much bank your money on two types of responses when its Stampede time. There are those who enjoy letting their ‘inner’ cowboy/cowgirl out for this one week. They will spend time planning their outfits, rearranging their schedules to ensure that every single free event that features either food or alcohol is part of their itinerary and they will be down at the Stampede grounds every chance they can get.

For others it’s a time when they will try their best to take vacation and ‘get out of Dodge’ as fast as they can. The whole city shuts down for Stampede Week, there’s traffic congestion every where you turn, don’t even try to get on the C-train during this week unless you have to, and shopping is a crazy event since every store is either filled to their capacity or empty of those necessities you need.

Stampede Week as it’s known here in Calgary is many things to many people. Depending on who you are and what you like to do will all depend on your thoughts and feelings for this week. If you like to dress up and let loose – you’ll love this week. If you hate the crowds and the noise and the craziness that always happens in our city, then you’re probably one of those people who try to get away.

For me – it’s a mixture of feelings. But more on that later ….