This has been a difficult weekend. First the best girlfriends in the world are all together in Florida for our annual trip. This year was to celebrate one of the girls who has breast cancer – she is a survivor and is just awesome. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go. For one very important reason.

It’s my anniversary weekend.

We had plans to go away, a nice weekend away that included dinner, hot tubs and ‘together time’. Didn’t happen.
Then we planned on a nice date – complete with dinner and a movie. Even though I requested the weekend off two months in advance, life happened and my co-worker has strep. Had to work. A friend of ours offered to take the girls for a few hours so we could still go see a movie atleast. Didn’t happen. Why? Because life happened. Errands to run, deadlines to meet, things forgotten. It happens. Just why this weekend?

I know, I know – you’re saying “but there’s still tomorrow”. And you’re right. But tomorrow is a day filled with errands and pancake breakfasts’ at church and grocery shopping … and life is happening and refuses to slow down at all.

But all is not lost. Despite all our plans going awry, there have been some good moments. Pages written in my novel, watched a movie with my family, a husband who loves me and is upset because our plans aren’t happening. There’s another reason. The perfect pick-me-up.

Hagen Daz and strawberries!

Some thoughtful co-workers wanted to cheer me up – I was recieving texts from my girls in Florida and I was sad to be working – so they bought me chocolate and strawberries. Now – you all know I love chocolate, and really, strawberries are a given. But the fact that they bought this for me, cheered me up.

So, a husband who loves me, movie with my family, texts from my ‘girls’, chocolate ice cream and strawberries … not bad for a weekend that seems destined to run amuck. LOL