>Yep, you heard me, and no, I’m not singing that song!

I had a talk with my daughter about angels. More specifically, she had a talk with me about her angels.

For her ‘fake’ birthday (the one we celebrate before school is out so that her friends can come), she received a beautiful glass angel figurine that she carries with her everywhere. Kindof like this one here that I’ve posted (expect it has a green heart).

We were driving down the road one day when I noticed that she had her angel with her in it’s special padded box. I made some off handed comment to which she got really upset about (no, don’t ask, cause I can’t remember what I said). But this lead to a long discussion about angels, what they are, who they are, why they are here and why carrying around a beautiful glass angel isn’t going to protect you.

Now, my daughter is really smart. She knew that this glass angel really didn’t do anything for you – but she thought that maybe if her angels saw her carrying a ‘mini’ angel then they would work extra hard. She had a HUGE elaborate story about her angel and what it does ect. (Note to self – my daughter is a natural story teller).

So here’s where my ‘motherly wisdom’ came in 🙂 (see I’m good for it once in a while atleast). I told her about her HUGE angel that is always there for her, always protecting her and always there waiting for her to say the word. All she has to do is SAY IT! What I didn’t realize in all my ‘motherly wisdom’ is that while I’m driving among trucks and cars going way over the speed limit, and notice cop cars all around me for some odd reason – that now is really NOT the best time to get into a discussion that produces alot of questions. It means that I really have to give her my full attention (instead of checking how fast I’m going and if I noticed that I just passed a cop who was also speeding). Ya – note to self – save these discussions for bed time!

So here’s my question to all you mother’s out there with ‘motherly’ wisdom.

What answer would you give your daughter when she asks you where is your angel as you see a cop wave at you while you pass him on the highway?????