>I’ve joined a 30 lbs Challenge with a few of my close girlfriends. I plan on using this blog to help me journal about my weightloss journey – so this will be interwoven amongst entries about writing and other stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

30 lbs is alot to lose! I used to try mini goals of 10 lbs, but they never worked. Why? I like my sweets too much. I posted a few days ago that sugar has been giving me headaches lately – atleast that’s what I think has been the cause. I really hope not.

No, I’m a ‘chocolate a day’ type of girl, so in order to win this challenge, I have to change my mentality to ‘one chocolate a week’ type of gal. That will be hard. I also have to incorportate exercise into my mentality. Which basically means that instead of going on a diet – I have to create a LIFE CHANGE, one that includes what I eat and how I exercise.

I think for the first little bit I might be grumpy. Sure, I’ll be all gung-ho to get started, and once I see one pound lost instead of gained – I’ll be doing a happy dance. But I know myself – give me a week and then I’ll start thinking it’s too hard, I don’t want to, one week off isn’t going to hurt and any other excuse I can think of.

So my goal is to post once a week with an update. You all can hold me accountable. Perhaps I’ll lose the 30 lbs just in time to have my novel accepted by an agent ๐Ÿ™‚