>I’ve discovered the joy of having a writing goal. Not only does it give me an end date, but I get a sense of accomplishment when I can meet my goal on a weekly basis.

When I first started writing my current WIP I was just happy to get a paragraph done whenever I could. I started to get frustrated because it was taking me a lot longer to write this book than my first one (that one took me 6 months to write start to finish). Some days I would get a page or more done, some days none at all. I remember one week – staring at a sentence that I knew wasn’t write – but I couldn’t move past it. Very frustrating!

Then I got hooked on twitter. I started to learn a lot of interesting tidbits about the whole writing process. I heard words that were once foreign, but now slip off my tongue with no problems. I learnt about the necessities of a good novel, about fine tuning my craft and to have a passion (which I already had).

The most important lesson I learnt – to have a writing goal! And not just a ‘I hope to have this done’ type of goal. First I started off with a monthly goal – but really – that wasn’t enough. So I created a spreadsheet (organiziation) and worked out a goal of when I wanted my novel to be done. I then worked out how many words I wanted it to be, how many pages that would take and created a weekly goal. Which has worked wonders.

Now I see the light. My WIP is almost complete – I know how it’s going to end, I know the twist involved and I know how to get there. I also know that I want it to be done alot sooner than originally planned. Which meant I had to rework my goal.

No problem. I’ve given myself 6 weeks to write 20,000 words. No problem! That’s only 500 words a day or 1.5 pages. Or so I thought.

My normal writing schedule consisted of writing in the evenings at work. I can get 2-3 pages done a night no problem. But I proved myself too valuable and I’ve been given more work to do. Not that I mind – but it gets in the way of my writing now. So … need a new plan. I can write during the days, right? Ya – NO. Not with 3 kids running around me, husband at home rebuilding our basement and my house an official disaster zone.

I refuse to ignore my new goal … I just need to figure out how to write 500 words a day. Any suggestions??