>I don’t know about you – but I love writing contests – especially ones like this. Read further – cause I’m including my own prize pack as well as Suzanne has a prize for the winner!

Suzanne’s First Ever Extraordinary CONTEST!

Here’s what it’s about:
I (Suzanne) will give you a first line and a last line
and you have to come up with a great short story!
I don’t want to put a word limit, but keep it as tight as you can.

If you want to know more about the contest and what the first and last lines are – check out the contest 🙂

Make sure you leave me a comment so I know you are submitting and I can keep an eye out for your piece. Who knows – I might just give a prize as well to the one I like the best out of those who sign up through my site (so you had better let me know you are submitting .. hint hint).