>I mentioned in my last post that there is a Query Critique underway at my favorite blog for writers – If You Give a Girl a Pen. I was really excited when they announced this critique! I’ve been typing away, trying to create the “Perfect” query for an agent to read, one that will stand out, grab their attention and leave them wanting to actually request a partial and then a full copy of my manuscript.

My first thought, after reading countless blogs from agents who receive these type of queries to writers who send them out, was ‘how hard can it be?’. After all, you spend a year or two (more or less) working on your book – you know it inside and out, the characters become real to you in ways that sometimes confuse your family and friends, and the surroundings that you create stick with you. How hard can it be to condense your 75,000 or more novel down to a page and make the reader left with a desire to know more?

Not hard right? Ya, that’s what I thought! NOT!

Seriously – this is week 2 of creating my query. I have countless versions saved – I can’t bear to erase a version just in case there is a sentense or a thought that I could use in my new one that I had previously decided to toss. I think I have it completed. I think.

I’ve had a few friends read previous versions for me. They’ve either finished feeling confused, befuddled, annoyed or left wanting more (the most recent version brought this reaction). So I think I’m ready.

My goal to submitting my query to the Query Critique is not to just get suggestions on how to make it better, to tell me what I need to take out or expand upon. What I really want to hear is “Wow – I can’t wait to read this!”. I’m sure I’m not alone in this. I’m sure all the others who submit their queries are aiming for the same thing.

The easy part I think of this whole writing process is writing the book. It has to be. No doubt in my mind, because the rest of the process, the query, the synopsis (OMG), and then the waiting … that would probably be enough for me to crave a Dairy Queen Blizzard every single night.