>I have a friend that I’ve known close to 7 years now. I consider her a close friend. The amazing part of our friendship is that I finally ‘met’ her for the first time on Thursday! How weird is that! She lives 12 hrs away, so we decided to meet up in the middle and have a ‘girls’ night.

The day started out really well. Thursday morning I dropped my girls off at a friends house, picked up a coffee and began my first road trip in years. I had Michael Buble playing on the CD. I had a smile on my face and I couldn’t wait to get to Regina. Along the way she would call me – “how close are you now? OMG a plane just went across the road ahead of me! MY GPS is screwed. How close are you now?” It was great talking to her, just added to my excitement to see her.

The first time I saw her I was standing by the shoe section of Winners and she was walking towards me with her phone in hand. OMG she looks better than I imagined! Her skin is flawless, her smile is so warm and friendly and DAMN she looks good. I immediately felt frumpy, then said to myself “screw it”.

There’s this one thing about my girlfriend that caught me off guard. In all the years I’ve known her – online and on the phone – she’s always told me that she is quiet. YA RIGHT. OMG. I am quiet compared to her. She is loud and talks all the time 🙂 (not that that is a bad thing).

There were a lot of firsts during our trip: I drank my first martini with her. I watched Fight Club for the first time and LOVED IT! I had my first pedicure and feel addicted now. But most importantly – she had her first POUTINE!

Ok – I love this girl. She knows that I love poutine and kept telling me she would try one. I was trying to be good – she’s skinny and I’m not – so while it was ok for me to eat a donut and cupcakes in front of her – I didn’t want to have a poutine. But she kept insisting. We decided to watch “Julie and Julia” (an awesome movie BTW) and in the theatre there was a New York Fries.

Now, let me be the first to admit that I do not like New York Fries. If I’m going to have a poutine – I prefer KFC or A&W poutine – I like their gravy. But after eating this poutine – I think it is a safe bet to say I will NEVER eat at New York Fries again. The fries were cold. The gravy was barely luke warm and the cheese curds were HARD – they are supposed to be gooey!

But my girl – she ate it. And – after 7 years of saying how gross they are – she admitted they weren’t ‘that’ bad 🙂