>I recently discovered a blog that I absolutely LOVE! Bakerella. OMG if you love to bake and love chocolate – this is a blog you MUST follow! So the post I found was called “Make your Cupcakes Pop“. I found inspiration. OMG did I find inspiration!

There are two birthday’s at work today. Now, I love birthday’s. I love any reason to celebrate really, but birthday’s especially are important to me. And because they are important to me – I try to make them special for others if I can.

So I decided to follow the Cupcake Pop recipe but put my own little spin on it. I decided to make them into brownie squares. While pursuing the aisles at Walmart, I found cute little boxes to use. So I bought a cheap cake mix, had a icing container at home and decided to make these treats.

First I made the cake last night, let it cool all night and then this morning I crumbled the cake into a bowl and added 3/4 can of icing. Now – I think I might have used too much icing, but oh well.
Next I made each square. Now, with the cupcake pops, Bakerella used a small cookie cutter. I didn’t have a square one, so I used my hands. Which meant that not every square was equal – some are larger than others, but oh well, they will all taste delicious!

Next, I placed them in the freezer for 20 minutes. Just enough time for me to clean up my mess and check my email. Then I took the chocolate melts, melted them in the microwave for 30 seconds, stirred and then placed half of each square in the chocolate.
It worked great until the squares began to thaw and get soft ;( but it still worked. I did use a small knife to help place the chocolate on the sides. But they turned out pretty good – if I do say so πŸ™‚

Once all the squares had been dunked in delicious chocolate I placed them back in the freezer for about 5 minutes while I prepared the white chocolate melts. Once the white chocolate was ready, I carefully dunked the un-iced part into the white and used my knife again to help with the edges.

Now I had a great idea. I’d pour some white chocolate into a small bowl and with food coloring, make different colors as accents.

So here is the finished product – in the gift boxes that I bought. What do you think?