There are a few things that I have learnt throughout this renovation process in regards to our marriage.

So far it has taken 4 weeks for my husband to completely gut our basement and rebuild. Today it was ‘tape and mud’ time. That means it is ALMOST done! Thank the good Lord! My hope is that by the end of this month it will all be done – including the painting (which I will do), hooking up the fireplace, the shelving units, Micah’s bedroom …. the list goes on and on and on ….

Anyways, this renovation hasn’t gone as smoothly as he had hoped. There have been a couple of hiccups. But I digress …

Here’s the main lesson I’ve learnt while in the midst of home renovations.

1. Help when he calls for help.

I’m no handy woman, but if he needs help carrying insulation to the basement or hold drywall while he drills (atleast that’s what I think he is doing) into the ceiling, then that’s what I’ll do (or atleast try to do – it’s not my fault the drywall decided NOT to stay in the ceiling is it???).

2. Go down each night after he’s done and praise him for what he’s accomplished. Even if it all looks the same to me – it doesn’t to him.

It hasn’t gone as bad as I thought it ‘would’ or even ‘could’. Don’t get me wrong – I can’t wait for this renovation to be complete. My allergies are acting up, the girls need to be entertained and I long for some quiet. But so far, so good.

Next year I think we’re going to focus on the kitchen and floors. He means to make me a handy woman. I think I’ll just enjoy watching him do the work 😉