They always say (some experts, don’t ask me who) that there are two major stresses in any marriage. Money and what happens behind the closed doors. I’d like to suggest a third stress. Renovations.

Last night, a program here in Canada was on, called the Handyman Challenge, where supposedly skilled handymen (and women) compete in building projects to hold the label of Canada’s Top Handyman. It’s a program my husband and I love to watch. Me because it all looks hard to me and Mike Holmes is on it. Him because he likes to either laugh and say “even I knew that” or nod his head in appreciate when someone did a terrific job. Plus Mike Holmes is on it. The show is on at a perfect time for us, because of our predicament.

My husband originally took two weeks off to work on our basement (4 weeks ago). For some odd reason, the man who has only ‘helped on weekends’ a friend who is a contractor, thought that he could tear apart a basement and rebuild it from the cement up in two weeks. He quickly learnt he’s not superman and that it takes a bit longer, especially when you work full time.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my husband and I believe in him 100%! I know that he can do anything he puts his mind to and do it with perfection (after studying the craft by watching countless hours of home renovation tv programs). Last summer he built our deck, a first for him, and our fence (another first) as well he surprised me with a new bathroom when I was away on a girls weekend once. My husband is a handyman. But I don’t think he can completely gut a basement, move walls, create walls and then rebuild it so that we can have a functioning family room in less than a month.

Care to walk through my life right now with me? It’s summer. I have three children at home and everything that was downstairs is now upstairs – in my living room, kitchen, bathroom, hallways, bedrooms and don’t forget our deck and patio (all under tarps of course). It’s a mess. So much so that I refuse to have friends who drop by step a foot in my house – we have to talk ‘girly’ things out in the open in my front yard.

Did I mention my house is a mess? And full of sawdust? And that I’m going nuts and my children are driving me nuts and if my husband asks me to come down the stairs to look at another wall I’ll go bananas?

Whoever said that there are two major stresses in any marriage obviously never experienced the stress of renovations!

I think I need to experience some therapy – chocolate retail therapy anyone?