>As a writer, where do you find your inspiration? Does it come the various endings you create for books you read, from the news, your children, the deep recess of your mind or from friends?

Do you find that the books you love to read are the same that you love to write or do you find your tastes tend to go a different route?

There are a few things I’ve discovered about myself in this process called ‘writing’.

1. I love to read fluff books when I’m tired.
2. I love romance novels that have a little bit of steam but doesn’t fog my glasses 🙂
3. I’ve dipped my toes in paranormal reading, but I doubt I’ll jump on the bandwagon with writing.

And the 4th thing I’ve learnt – to me the most important …

4. When I think about stories to write – they come from news clippings revealing the three children found dead in their bed, the children toy discovered at a concentration camp, the pastor’s wife who walked away from her family and became a showgirl in Vegas.

TADA! I have found my inspiration! My current WIP is about a pastor who turned away from God. The next WIP that is forming in my brain is about the pastor’s wife who …..

So … where do you find your inspiration?