>In regards to our renovations (well, technically I could say the same about my book as well, but that’s another post).

It has been a long month, longer I’m sure for my husband who has been slaving away at our basement trying to get it finished before school starts! He’s so close now, we’re hoping by the weekend I can begin to paint.

I never really thought about how much a real ‘family’ room is necessary for us in this house. As a family of five, and three of those are growing on a continual basis, we are running out of room it seems. This summer really hasn’t been the greatest for kicking the kids outside to play or going to the water park on hot days either. It’s been cold, its been rainy and we’ve all been plain miserable. I can only go shopping so many times before I run out of money or patience for kids who think that 2 pennies equals ‘whatever they want’. LOL

My living room right now has become the ‘playroom’ despite my grumblings. The girls run out of room in their own rooms, in the hallway, on the stairs so it’s only logical for them to come to the one area I don’t want them to play in. I do feel for my girls though, this hasn’t been as fun for them either. I will admit to being pretty grumpy, and we all know what that means 😉

But … the end is in sight. I think the person who will be the happiest though is my husband. It means he’s done (for now). He’ll be able to come home from a full day of work and actually relax, not rush to get dinner ready and kids dealt with before he heads back downstairs to do more work.

You know – I’m pretty amazed at the guy I married. I remember a comment he once made when we were first married. He told me that when we eventually bought our own house, instead of doing the work himself, he would hire a professional to do it – that way we would know someone actually knew what they were doing and hopefully doing it right. Now we don’t need to. I have a hubby who knows what he’s doing and he’s doing it the proper way – and saving us boatloads of money! How awesome is that. It is handy to be married to a handyman after all 😉 Who knew!