>Mary DeMuth offers an excellent service to writers – you can receive a free critique from her for a piece of writing that you are struggling with. I love reading all the critiques. Not only does Mary give great and honest advice, but she encourages the writer to grow to expand and there are no excuses if you don’t.

Today’s post placed my thoughts in a whirlspin. Now normally in her posts she placed her comments or deletions in red and her additions in green. Today she added a new color (God forbid) and it’s blue for weak verbs! AUGH.

I read a rule of thumb – one that is freaking me out right now. Mary wrote “The rule of thumb is to permit yourself one weak verb (be verbs, got, had, went) per page. 8 stand out in these two paragraphs. Think of ways to eliminate them in lieu of stronger verbs”

OMG. ONE weak verb per page! Seriously – you know that old saying ‘whatever doesn’t kill me will make me stronger?” I know it applies here – but I think the killing point will hurt, it’ll leave me unconscious, seeing that bright light at the end of the tunnel before my heart begins to beat properly and I take that deep breathe and begin to live again.

I know it will make my writing stronger, but man it’s going to hurt going through my manuscript. I like the idea of the blue though – I think what I’ll do is go through and highlight all the weak verbs in blue.

So now … the question is, what is a weak verb? “Be, got, had, went” are obvious ones. Are there others? Please – I’d love to know 🙂