>Since my last post about the whole Jon & Kate Plus 8 divorce fiasco, I’ve found myself enthralled by the show. It’s been on for 5 seasons, yet this is the first time I’ve made a point to watch the show.

Why? Because the concept of a woman with 8 kids trying to raise them in the public eye fascinates me. It’s something I would NEVER want to do – have 8 kids or raise them alone – but I find myself somewhat attracted to the Kate I’m seeing. (Attracted in the sense that I’m curious, want to know more – not that I find her attractive).

For 4 seasons I held the view that I believe many also would agree on – that Kate wore the pants in that family, that she was controlling, A personality, manipulative, destructive towards her husband and condescending as well. I felt she used her children to gain more notice.

I’m not saying that everything I believed was wrong. What I think I was wrong about was judging Kate when I never knew her (and I still don’t). Yes, she was condescending towards Jon – but then I’m sure I would have been as well if he was my husband. To me, it was poor Jon – until I saw how selfish he really is. Now I can’t stand the guy. Please do not let me hear another word about Jon in the news! I don’t care that he’s a weasel, low life who cheats on his husband and his girlfriend, who is hooking up with Michael scumbag (you know – the father of Lindsay Lohan) and apparently could give a rats ass about his own children.

Kate isn’t perfect, but atleast she hasn’t walked away from her kids so she can ‘experience life and be the real her’.

Just my ‘two cents’ worth 🙂