The menu for week 2 on the challenge has been out for a week now. I really haven’t had time to look at it closely until now.

OH MY FREAKING FRUIT TREE! My menu last week was so much easier compared to this. I’m not too jazzed about the dessert, but no worries – less calories for me if I don’t eat it – plus I have a crew of guys I work with that will if my family won’t.

My husband though loves this menu. He would. There’s a medium roast with tomatoes and zucchini – which he loves. I’ll start tonight though on one recipe and then finish them off Monday night (the only night I will have an opportunity to really focus on the recipe and hopefully enjoy making them). There is a cheese though that I need to find and I have no idea where to look for it! LOL … looks like fun ….

We’ve had another diva join us in this challenge – the more the merrier! If anyone who reads this wants to ry out the recipes as well – please share how they worked for you!

Now for the menu:

The chef for this weeks menu is Giada de Laurentiis – I’ve watched her show – Everyday Italian – and always enjoyed it, yet NEVER thought I would make any.

Main course – Roast Beef with spicy tomato sauce

Side – broiled zucchini and potatoes

Appie – pizza pockets

Dessert – lemon thyme bars