>I’m reading a book right now dealing with the subject of letting go. Soon I’ll post a review of it – if you are like me and have issues with ‘letting it go’ and just trusting … then you would enjoy this book.

But on that note – how do you let go? How do you take that ‘hands off’ approach? Or do you? I used to think I was a pretty relaxed person. Now a days? Not so much.

We say it’s easy, just trust in God, rely on Him to work in your life, stop worrying so much … but how do you do that? Or am I asking the impossible question?

There’s two reasons why I’m asking. I’m trying to work out a scene in my book where my main character has to figure this out, but also because I’m in the midst of dealing with this right now with God – letting go and letting Him have control. Funny how this is working out in my book as well – I never meant to deal with this issue at all, and yet here it is.

So … help me out 🙂