>Recently I’ve re-entered into the work force. Full time, a decision based on necessity. One of my main concerns was in regards to my writing. Part of me felt that by working full time, it meant I would have less time to write at home. Which happens to be true. Does that mean that I’m giving up a dream or shelving it for the time being?

Part of the whole journey I’m taking right now with God in trusting and letting go is realizing that He knows my hopes and dreams, more so than even I do. Yes, working full time is beneficial to my family, and yes I do get get to see my family more now than I did for the past year. There are way more benefits right now for me working full time compared to part time.

But what about my writing? Where does all this fit into place?

Amazingly I am blessed with fantastic employers who not only believe in me but encourage me to write! My supervisor asks me daily how far along I am on my book and what my word count is 🙂 My co-workers will pester me if they see me reading or going online instead of writing. How awesome is that! Talk about encouragement!

Working 8 hours a day means that I possibly have around 5 hours a day to dedicate to my writing! Not too shabby eh! (I know all you writers who also work full time are probably drooling right about now).

It hit me today while I was starting another chapter (I only have 5 chapters left!). How blessed I am to have this job. A few weeks ago I wrote how someone at church told me that this job is where God wants me to be right now. So … can we say “Thank you Jesus” right about now? God has provided me with a full time job meaning more money plus a way to fulfill my dreams to write 🙂

I am blessed and highly favored 🙂