>Have you ever clicked on a blog and found yourself totally enthralled? Mesmerized by the information, the way the author has crafted their story primarily for your benefit? Have you ever read something and thought “they wrote that just for ME”?

One thing I love about blogger is the ability to ‘follow’ a blog and read the updates daily. I almost missed this blog tonight – I’m tired, it’s been a long day and I’m so ready to climb into bed with a book and read until my eyes close in blissful sleep.

Then I read the title…”The First Page, part 10 – Proofread” by Story Sensei. Now, I know she didn’t write it just for me – but as far as I’m concerned she did 🙂 (Thanks Camy Tang!)

Now, it didn’t even hit me that this was part 10 – which means I have 9 more parts to lose myself in! I’m excited!

I am almost done my current WIP (I know, you’ve already heard that last week). During my journey, I’ve had to take a few breaks from my writing. I needed to clear my mind, figure out why my characters are taking me in certain directions and work on some writing techniques. During this time I worked on my query (so that I can be ready to query right away – after editing of course), as well as I worked on my first page, first 500 words and then first 5 pages. Talk about tough! The opening of my story is so different from what I started out with. But all this hard work – is thanks to the girls at “If You Give a Girl A Pen” – possibly my favorite blog to read as a writer!

Seriously – if you haven’t visited there yet – do so NOW! Sign up to have their topics sent to your email, you sincerely won’t regret it!

I digress … back to my original point …

This blog today really stood out to me – proofread! When I’m ready to send my query to an agent – the last thing I want is for hte words that i’ve worked on so hard to fall short of brillance – all due to a few spelling mistakes (liek the ones in this sentence – simple ones to make when you are typing fast eh?).

Writing is such a learning process, one that I continue to grow in daily!