I love to read! No, seriously, I love to read! When I go to the library, my total borrowed books are roughly 10 books each trip – and I’m usually back at the library in about 2.5 weeks.

My tastes range, it really all depends on my mood. I love romance – especially historical. I enjoy suspense, action and adventure, anything dealing with archeology, christian, sci-fi and fantasy. I’ve read a few ‘vampire’ books – and while I can’t say they are my favorite, if it has a good storyline, I won’t turn it away.

If you are looking for a new author to indulge in, I strongly recommend you visit Lynn Viehl’s blog – the Paperback Writer.

So when I read Shadowlight by Lynn Viehl part of me was surprised. I’ve never read her books before but let me tell you – I want to now! For those who enjoy christian and only christian books – these are not for you. There are vampires (not an over abundance of them, but they are there), a bit of sci-fi and alot of action. Yep, the steamy scenes are scattered in there as well for those who enjoy some steamy romance.

The characters are not average people though. Nor would I ever expect them to be.

I would recommend that if you were to read this book – to read Lynn’s others’ first. I felt lost a bit throughout the book and really wished I knew what was going on! This isn’t a stand alone book.

Now – from that aspect – that I read this having no clue about the characters or the series … I would say that there are aspects to this book that throw you completely off guard and are left wondering why they are in there in the first place. Lynn did provide history on the characters, but I was still left wondering why she placed them in this book.

The beginning of the story is very bumpy. I was left confused within the first few chapters. You really don’t understand what is going on until almost half way through the book – that’s when it all begins to ‘click’ together and you understand more. But once you get past the bumpy ride (seriously, hold on to your hats and just go with the flow) you’ll enjoy the story.

Shadowlight – I enjoyed the read. I’m glad to have been introduced to this author and you can guarantee that I’ll be adding the rest of her books to my ‘to read’ list. They are great for my ‘me’ time in the bath!