I read the following in the Calgary Sun paper yesterday.  I am appalled.  In today’s day and age, the fact that someone in authority would dare to proclaim their unbelief in a tragedy that has unfolded not just through the years it took place but for generations afterwards …. is unbelievable.  Ignorant. It saddens me that this would even make the news.  But let me tell you – I am proud of the fact that our Prime Minister stood up for the race that almost destroyed, for the people who suffered the most … no matter what you think about him – he is a good man for this.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s “absolutely repugnant remarks” about the Holocaust are reason enough for Canadian officials to boycott the Iranian president’s address to the UN General Assembly.
“There are times when things are being said in this world that it is important that countries that have a moral compass stand up, make their views known,” Harper said Wednesday in Oakville, Ont.
“And our absence there will speak volumes about how Canada feels about the declarations of President Ahmadinejad.”
Ahmadinejad has repeatedly made comments denying the Holocaust.
Numerous countries, including Canada, are expected to walk out of the assembly ahead of Ahmadinejad’s speech to protest the lack of human rights in Iran. Other countries have said they will walk out if he denies the Holocaust.
“President Ahmadinejad has said things particularly about the state of Israel, the Jewish people, and the Holocaust that are absolutely repugnant,” Harper said.
Way to go Canada and our Prime Minister!