>3o lbs is alot to lose. Not only is it alot, but its hard! Way too hard for me to do alone. I don’t know about you, but I have discovered that for me, it’s not something that I can do without support.  I should know.  I’ve tried.

I have a great group of gals online who are terrific supporters when it comes to wanting to eat healthy and work on losing weight. Not only are they great at supporting me, encouraging me but they are also fantastic and kicking my butt into gear and calling me on all the chocolate I eat.

But it’s not enough. I’ve tried to take all their advice and apply it to my life here at home. My husband, another awesome supporter in my journey, bought me a gazelle.  A machine that I really do enjoy using.  When I use it. Which lately, isn’t often enough.

See, I appear to have a complex issue when it comes to my husband.  I hate to work out in front of him. So I don’t. Why? Probably because he kicks butt all on his own when it comes to working out.  When you talk about dedicated – you are talking about my husband. He has his own program, Tae Bo, which works awesome for him. Plus how he eats. No sugar, no chocolate, no ‘crap’ goes in his mouth. And the results?  He’s lost around 50 lbs or more!

So I decided to join a gym. It’s literally a 3 minute walk for me from work. I’ve been there a week so far and I’m down 2 lbs.  Not alot – but when you consider I was going up 2 lbs a week – I’m pretty happy.  Plus, if I keep it up – that’s 10 lbs a month lost!  Oh YA!  So my goal … 5 days a week.  During my lunch for 40 minutes (gives me time to change, freshen up and walk back to work – albeit huffing and puffing a little bit).

Can I do this?  I had better.  For my health, for my children and most importantly for me.