When you reach your goals, whether it be in writing, cooking, cleaning, exercising or whatnot – how does it make you feel?  Are you energized, excited and happy with the finished feeling you have, or does it encourage you to create new goals and to move/grow farther than before?

Today I reached my original goal for my novel. I’ve been focusing on word count each day as I write (what, I only did 500 today????) and not how many pages I wrote. Well – I’m at the arch of the story and my word count goal has been met.  Does that mean I just walk away with that accomplished feeling knowing within my self that I set a goal and actually met it?  UM, NO!  There’s no way I’m walking away from this baby!  My new goal is to exceed and continue and write the best novel that I can.  Now that I know I can set a goal and reach it – I’m now seeing how far beyond that goal I can go!

I estimate that I have about 10,000 words to go – that or another 50 pages. I know that once I start editing, I can chop that word count down by 10%, so the more words I create now the better (as long as they are beneficial words and not ones that I plan on cutting anyways – since that basically defeats the purpose).

What about you? What goal have you set that you are aiming to reach?  Will you be happy with the results or will you try to go beyond the original goal you made?

So what’s next?  I’ve always been worried about making a goal that I can’t keep.  Now that I reached this goal, what about my weightloss one?  Do you think I can not only reach that one but go beyond?