The road we take is never straight nor easy. It consists of hills, valley, puddle to jump over, streams to wade and unfortunately rivers both large and strong enough to sweep us up in its current and drop us off at a totally different path – one you didn’t want to take or had no idea was available to you.

The path I’m on right now is hilly. Very very hilly.  It started on the upward trail – my weight was going up and there was no down-hill in sight.  Going up that hill was getting hard, each step hurt, my knees would crack, I’d have to take rest breaks just to catch my breath.  A few weeks ago I crested the hill.  Now normally that would be a good thing. In my case – well, the jury is still out on that one 🙂  My cresting my hill – it meant I had gained ‘too’ much weight. But it also meant that I was tired of gaining all this weight and that I need to do something about it.  NOW.

So I’m at the top of this hill.  There are a few paths for me to take. One is to ignore what is right before my eyes and just continue the way I have been – and continue to gain more weight. Or I can get serious and start to lose. Unfortunately there is no straight downhill from here. The path right in front of me, the one I chose to take goes done a little, then levels out for a bit, goes slightly up and then down again.

But that’s ok. It means ultimately that I’m going to get healthier. I’m exercising now regularly, my body is starting to rebuild that muscle and get rid of that fat, I’m eating healthier – I’ve placed myself first.

So far I’m down 7lbs.  Not much, but in a 2 week span – not too shabby.  I can handle that. 

It’s going to be a journey.