I recently received a book from Thomas Nelson titled “Let Go” by Sheila Walsh. When it arrived I was surprised – i had completely forgotten about signing up to do book reviews. Once I turned the first page however, I was thankful. This book came at the exact moment that I needed it.

Let Go by Sheila Walk is about letting go of those burdens we women carry. It’s about learning how to let go – it’s easy to say it but really hard to do. I enjoyed Sheila’s voice in this book. I have heard of her but never read any of her books.

As women there are so many areas of life that we need to deal with, and so many ways that we struggle with dealing with them. Sheila walks you through alot of the areas – she doesn’t hide behind them or sugar coat them either. Often, in each chapter you’ll find little stories of how she has dealt with this issue or knows of others who have as well.

This is from the book cover on the inside:

As you are, right at this moment, God loves you. 
There is nothing you can do to make God love you more. 
There is nothing you can do to make God love you less.” 
When I read that – it hit me hard. I was struggling with the whole issue of ‘letting go’. How do you do it? Why should we do it? Why is it so important to let go and allow God to move? Will he even move if I do let go? 
Amazingly, in this book – I read those same fears. Sheila addresses them in many different ways, and it was comforting to know that I wasn’t the only one to struggle with these questions. She talks about the guilt that we carry from allowing our past to weigh us down, the shame that we feel we have to carry because we are unable to forgive ourselves. She talks about how difficult it truly is to forgive – not only those who have hurt us, but how to forgive ourselves and more importantly – forgive God when we feel He has let us down.
I love the honesty in this book, the openness and sincerity that you feel from each page. I enjoyed the aspect that Sheila tied every point, every item to something in scripture.  She talks about Hagar and the hurt and devastation she felt from being rejected. She tells the story of Mary Magdelene and makes it real.
Trusting God, knowing He loves us – that’s a hard thing. We know we should trust Him, we know that He loves us – but at that moment when we are at our lowest – its that point that gets us the most – how could God do this to us, doesn’t He love me?  Sheila doesn’t hide from this issue. She speaks about it and shows you where that fear really comes from.
This book was exactly what I needed to read.  I think God knew that.