>I learnt a lesson today, one I know many writers have experienced. 

Feedback.  Ouch!  I submitted my first 250 words for review on a Secret Agent Blog – no I’m not going to say which one – I’m sure you can figure it out, I’m still smarting from the comments.

As a writer – it’s hard to let go of our ‘baby’ and have others read and tell us their thoughts. It’s even hard (and I didn’t think it would be) to have complete strangers tear apart my work.  When the site went up today I was excited – I couldn’t wait to read the comments – but after the first 2 sentences of the first comment – I quickly closed the site due to heart palpatations.  NOT HOOKED.  That was the first sentence.  TOO CHOPPY. ouch – that hurt.

So I waited an hour before I was ready to read more.  While none of the comments improved (although one did say she would read on) I found it a bit (only a bit) easier to read the comments.  I think because I came back with a different attitude.

The first time I was thrown for a loop – but the second time I was ready to see how I could improve.  And after reading all the comments – man am I glad I did.  I totally can see where they are coming from (although one said she thought she was reading a rape scene … what???) and I made changes.  I’m sure it’s not perfect, but I’m going to give it a bit and go back to that section and see how I can grab people’s attention better. 

I never knew owning a thick skin was a requirement for a writer.  Now I do!