>Here’s a question that has been bothering me lately.  I’ve read different opinions from agents but nothing set in stone, concrete or even helpful to me – maybe because when I read it I didn’t think it was an issue. 

Do prologues really help your story?  When you are ready to query do you send your prologue as your example even if it has nothing to do with your query or main character? 

What do prologues really do for your story?  For me, when I read a book that has a prologue – it has to be good, something not expected, something that grabs me.  I know that when I hit the next chapter it will have nothing to do with what I just read in the prologue – I know that as a reader, I won’t even be able to understand what I read in the prologue until atleast half way through the book sometimes.  But …

How does a prologue help you when you are ready to query?  Anyone know?