>I always seem to have difficulty writing the last chapter.  When I say ‘always’, really, I mean in my first book and now in my second … but bear with me.

The last chapter – it holds such promise, deep meaning and really – it means the end. The end of years (or months if you’re really good) of work, it means letting go of your ‘baby’, saying goodbye to your characters, the ones that seem almost as real to you as those you sit down with at the dinner table.

The last chapter is proving to be my nemesis.  I should have been done last week, and I plan to be done this week – but God forbid I don’t end up finishing until the week after!  Why is it proving to be so difficult – really, I have no idea.  Anyone else experience this?

I know in my head, I have it written out in point form – what exactly needs to take place. I can see it all ending, I can literally view that final ending … but placing it in words, a tiny part of me seems to be rebelling.

When this last chapter is done – I will be thrilled!  And scared, and sad and determined all at the same time.  Finishing, writing that ‘the end’ (although I don’t really think I need to write that) – will mean it’s time to edit.  Blah. Blah and double Blah.

Anyone else experience this?