I did it!  I wrote the last scene, the last sentence and the last word!  I did it!  All 81,000 words!  And I did it all before my deadline!  Can you tell I’m a wee bit excited???

Ok, so it was rough. That last chapter kept increasing until I had 3 or 4 last chapters.  The end of the second last chapter was really difficult … wanting to make sure everything was tied in properly but wasn’t boring at the same time … and then the final scene, where the main character …. well, his last scene.  I took me 4 hours to write (in between answering phones at work and chatting with co-workers).  But it’s done.

Now on to the famous editing!  I read somewhere that you don’t write good books, you re-write excellent books (or something along those lines).  I think I’m ready.  I printed off a list of ‘passive verbs’ and bought a blue highlighter (a suggestion from Mary DeMuth) and plan on erasing any signs of passivity.  I know I want to add some details to a few scenes and rework a character as well, but over all …

I’m excited!  OMG I did it!