>Editing is not fun. Red pen, blue highlighter, yellow highlighter slashing at my words, those precious words that I labored over for a year. It hurts, it’s painful yet it’s necessary. Completely necessary.

I’m home today with a sick child which means I get some blissful time to work on my edits. A whole day. At times I feel a bit lost – but I think that’s normal. I have my binder to go through and I feel overwhelmed. Then I realize I’m doing all this editing on paper which then has to be transferred to the computer. OY!

So what do happens to me today to place a smile on my face? In my email is a post from querytracker.

Elana talks about that great black abyss  – that overwhelming, completely blank feeling you get when you stare at your manuscript wishing, praying for the revised words to magically appear.

This post – Editing: How To Avoid Staring into the Great Abyss is as satisfying as a morsel of candy to the chocoholic as this is to a writer 🙂  What a fantastic post.  She walks you through 30 days of complete revision. She explains, outlines and encourages you on how to do this.

Today will be a great day of editing – amongst catering to my sick child 🙂

Happy editing!