>Have you ever had the type of day when a thought or an idea continually repeats itself to you in various forms?

For instance – you are watching The View and during a commercial you see someone eating homemade chocolate chip cookies, then Barbara comes back on and she’s talking about these cookies she bought at a local bakery. The thought enters your head that ‘man, some homemade chocolate chip cookies would taste great right now’, only to reject the thought because you are trying to lose weight. But what happens later?  You see a Philsbury Dough Boy commercial where they show you how easy it would be to make homemade chocolate chip cookies in minutes!  Yes, minutes!  AUGH. So what do you do?  Either you stop at the store while you’re out and buy some of those minute making cookies or you make your own delicious, melt in your mouth chocolate chip cookies!  AUGH!  (Say it with me please – AUGH!)

Something similar happened to me recently – but in regards to my writing – although now I’m tempted to make myself some cookies (great idea Steena!). 

I read a post by Bonnie Grove.  Recently she spoke at a writing conference in Edmonton, Alberta and was nice enough to post her session notes on her blog. She discussed verbs (which I studied like crazy) and mentioned crutches. Especially word crutches.  You know – those words that you love to use all the time, especially when you are at a loss for a word and it just comes to you.  For instance, dark, darkness, skulk (yes, I love that word).  I’m sure you have your own. Bonnie mentioned that you might find your word crutches change with each story – or they just might pop up in every story. 

It was a fantastic post. One that I saved because I know I’ll need to be reminded quite often not use to use my crutches or to be careful of the passive verbs I tend to use.

But then … I read another article. From the WOW! Women on Writing blog (another favorite of mine). Lo and behold what did I read about – words that we love to overuse as writers!  Um hello … lighting bolt strike!  I got it! 

Writing is a crazy journey, but it’s one that I am loving.  There are so many blogs out there, so many agents, writers and others who have taken this journey either with me or before me and instead of holding tight to the lessons they’ve learnt – they share them. I have learnt so much in the past year it’s amazing. I look back to my first book published and I shake my head. I knew NOTHING about writing back then.

I’ve realized that in writing – it’s a journey that will never end. I’ll grow in my skills, my writing will improve as long as I continue to learn – which means that I have to continue to study this art they call writing.