>It amazes me my writing has the ability to dictate my mood for the day.

I’m amazed first off because I allow it and secondly that it has that much effect on me. I’ve semi-noticed it before during the first draft of my current WIP, but I quickly shrugged it off as a ‘mood’.

Now I’m not so sure.

I’m struggling with my edits. Every where I’ve read states that it’s the editing portion of writing that is the most stressful. This is the point where your manuscript shines or gets thrown in the garbage disposal. This is where your skills as a writing comes in … whether the lessons you’ve learnt up to this point have sunken in or not.

I took the advice of ElanaJ and sectioned off my manuscript into three sections. I’ve completed the first edits of the first section (on paper) and have been laboring to complete the changes in the computer. It’s taken me too long – I wanted my book to be ready for query by Christmas – this year. AUGH.

It’s been two weeks now (I think) that I’ve been editing. I’m amazed at the amount of “that/just/darkness/was” I have in the first 100 pages. Absolutely amazed. I’m also shocked at the amount of sections I’ve taken out. They are filler, wasteless filler that hold no purpose to further the storyline.

But there are two areas that I’m struggling in. First is my beginning. I changed it – took the first chapter and moved it into the storyline. Why? Because I decided that when it came time to querying it wouldn’t help me. My first chapter has nothing directly to do with my main character – and it’s that character I’m trying to sell in the query (yes, my query is already completed). But since I’ve done that – I’ve struggled. My opening isn’t hitting me hard enough. So it’s making me grumpy. I LOVED my original idea, I still love it … perhaps I need to place it back in ….

The other area deals with my ‘descriptions’. I’m trying to show vs telling, but while doing that I feel I’m ignoring the settings and descriptions too much. AUGH.

What I need I think is chocolate – although I’ve had too much (thank you little chocolate bars from Halloween) and have thus NOT lost a single pound this week, much to the chagrin of my trainer and nutritionist.

Do you find your writing dictates your moods to a point? What areas do you struggle in?