>I am a huge Ted Dekker fan. I love his Red, White, Black series and can’t wait to read Green. There have only been a ‘few’ books of his I didn’t enjoy, but hey – no one’s perfect.

Last week he wrote a post on his website regarding the Love Inspired Guidelines that most christian writers know so well. If you’re like me, you grew up reading Steeple Hill books. My mother-in-law used to work at a Christian bookstore and would send me these books all the time. I grew to recognize the writers, their style and had no problems with their books. I still don’t. They are enjoyable books to read before bed or while in the bath. They hold a message of truth, they are romantic without the smut and I know I could never be offended from a book in their line.

True, Love Inspired have strict guidelines. But they really aren’t that unreasonable. When I wrote my first book, it was written with the full intention of submitting to this publisher. I adhered to their guidelines without question. Why? Not because I’m a ‘sheep’ who follows an unknown leader, or because I’m willing to ‘make do’. I did it because I knew specifically where my readers would come from, who the publisher was and I understood what was expected.

Apparently Ted Dekker has an issue though with having to follow rules – or atleast their rules. Why, I’m not sure. I could probably guarantee you that you will NEVER see a book by Ted Dekker in their Love Inspired line. Unless he wanted to make a mockery of them and enter under a pseudo name – just because he could. But I highly doubt he would. Romance and Ted Dekker do not go hand in hand, not in the sense most think about atleast. Yes, he writes about the romance of God towards his children, he’ll have romance as a key figure amongst his characters, but to write solely with romance in mind … ya, not Ted.

So why would he feel the need to blast Love Inspired and Steeple Hill books in his post “What is Wrong with this Picture?”   I don’t get it. I read his tirade and not once did the thought ‘that’s it – I’m not reading Steeple Hill again!’ cross my thoughts. He posted the words/phrases that are not to be used in a manuscript submitted to Steeple Hill. There’s nothing wrong with them. If I read a Steeple Hill book vs a Harlequin romance, I know that I will not be reading about sex scenes, blasphemous tirades or anything else slightly provocative.  So what’s the problem?

Ted Dekker may ask “What is wrong” with Love Inspired, but I ask, what is wrong with Ted Dekker?